Madonna / Monroe Jewellery

With our wide choice of Madonna Piercing Jewellery, it’s easy to get the look you love. Madonna piercings are placed on the top lip, generally on one side. They are also known as beauty spot piercings and monroe piercings. The best jewellery for a madonna piercing is a Labret Stud and we also have Lip Piercing Retainers in case you need to keep yours discrete.

Madonna / Monroe Studs

These Madonna piercings studs are the most comfortable type of jewellery for Madonna and Monroe piercings. They have a flat back plate that sits smoothly against the inside of your lip. There is a huge choice of Madonna piercing studs available and to see a wider choice you can click on any stud or category. If your stud begins to rub against your gums or teeth we recommend switching to a Bioplast Madonna piercing stud.

Madonna / Monroe Stud Products

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Madonna / Monroe Retainers

When you need to hide your Monroe piercing at work, visit the dentist or go to hospital, these Monroe piercing retainers are a real life-saver. These clever retainers will make your piercing look discrete and the non-metal retainers are safe for dental and medical procedures. To see more retainers, click on a product or product category.

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Madonna / Monroe Accessories

Customise your studs and update your look with our range of Madonna piercing accessories. These cute accessories screw or push onto the end of your Madonna stud, allowing you to customise any piece of jewellery. Below are some of our most popular Madonna piercing accessories - to see more options simply click on a product or product category.

Madonna / Monroe Accessories

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Thinking of having a Madonna Piercing ? Find out more about Madonna Piercings within our Information Section

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