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Labret piercings are located on the lower lip and involve wearing a labret stud - a specially designed piercing bar with a flat disc on one end. The flat disc sits comfortably against the back of the piercing, making labrets a very popular, comfortable piercing. On this page you can see the different types of jewellery you can wear in a labret piercing. Choose from our huge range of labret studs, lip retainers and cute threaded accessories.

Labret Studs

Labret studs are a type of lip stud especially designed to keep your labret piercing looking and feeling great. They have a flat disc that sits comfortably against your gums and can be customised with threaded accessories to create any look you like. Labret studs are also ideal for ear piercings. Below is a selection of our best-selling labret studs and you can also click on the labret stud categories to see our full range of studs.

Labret Studs Products

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Labret Retainers

Our labret retainers make it easy to hide your piercing at work and school, or keep your piercing open during medical procedures where you cannot wear metal jewellery. Our labret retainers are made of soft, skin-coloured materials like Bioflex and acrylic. They come in a great range of designs and you can see our most popular labret retainers below. To see more designs and colours, click on any of the retainers or labret retainer categories.

Labret Retainer Products

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Spare Balls for Labret Studs

These spare balls can be used in two ways - either to replace a lost ball from your labret stud, or to update your look with a cute new style. Below are some of our most popular threaded accessories that can be added to any labret stud. We also recommend having a few spare balls just in case you lose the ball from your labret stud. To see our full range of spare balls for labret studs, click on any product or spare balls category.

Spare Balls for Labret Studs Products

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