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Industrial Ear Piercing

Industrial piercings consist of two piercings along the outer ear rim linked by one long bar. They can be placed either straight across the ear or at an angle. In different parts of the world the term "industrial piercing" can refer to a vertically placed piercing but many people use the term regardless of the bar's orientation. It is very important to get a bar the is the right length for your industrial piercing - if it is too short it will put stress on the industrial piercing which can stop it healing straight.

Industrial Bars

The best jewellery for an industrial piercing is a long barbell. Industrial bars are usually over 20mm long but always measure your industrial bar before you purchase. We have a great range of long barbells including flexible BioFlex barbells that can reduce healing times. Here are some of our most popular industrial bars - to see more just click on a bar or one of the categories.

Industrial Bars

Industrial Bar Categories

Accessories for Industrial Bars

Once you have your industrial bar you can customise it with these industrial bar accessories. These threaded accessories are easy to fit and can be added to your barbell without even removing it. Choose glam jewelled balls, cool colours or funky cones to show off your industrial piercing. Here you can see some of our popular threaded accessories - just click on any product or category to see more styles.

Accessories for Industrial Bars

Industrial Bar Accessory Categories

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