Eyebrow Jewellery

Within this section you will find all the types of jewellery that can be worn in Eyebrow Piercings. Most jewellery types can be worn in Eyebrow piercings. BCR's and Circular Barbells make great Eyebrow Rings, Barbells look really good as Eyebrow Bars. We even have specially designed Eyebrow Jewellery called Eyebrow Bananas which look fab in Eyebrow Piercings.

Eyebrow Bars

An eyebrow bar is the simplest type of piercing jewellery that you can wear in your eyebrow and they come in a huge choice of classic shapes, cool designs and funky colours. You can either wear a straight or curved eyebrow bar - depending on what jewellery your piercing was done with. Here you can see our best-selling eyebrow piercing bars and eyebrow studs - to see more designs simply click on an eyebrow bar or eyebrow category.

Eyebrow Bar Products

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Eyebrow Rings

These eyebrow rings make it easy to update your look and keep your piercing feeling great. There are lots of different types of eyebrow ring, including ball closure rings, smooth segment rings and circular barbells. Each type of eyebrow ring has its own benefits and you can see some of our best-selling eyebrow rings below. To see more designs please click on an eyebrow ring or category.

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