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Whether you want to make a statement or keep it discrete, we have everything you need for your bridge piercing with our Bridge Piercing Jewellery. Bridge piercings are also known as earl piercings and are pierced high on the bridge of the nose. The most popular choice of bridge piercings is a Barbell, which you can customise with Threaded Accessories.

Earl Bars

Earl piercings are usually done with curved barbells, although some people may be able to wear a straight barbell in their earl piercing. We suggest that you stock with the type of barbell recommended by your body piercer, to reduce the chance or rejection or migration. We have a fantastic range of barbells that you can wear in your earl piercing, from plain steel barbells to coloured titanium and funky designs. To see other designs simply click on a barbell or product category.

Earl Bars

Earl Bar Categories

Earl Bar Accessories

These earl bar accessories make it easy to update your jewellery and customise your look. These are threaded accessories that simply screw on to the end of your earl piercing bar. This means that you can easily change the balls or accessories - without even removing your barbell. Below are some of our best-selling accessories for earl piercing bars - to see more styles just click on an accessory or product category.

Earl Bar Accessories

Earl Bar Accessory Categories

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