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Daith Ear Piercing

A daith piercing is pierced through the fold of cartilage closest to the ear canal. Whether or not you can have a daith piercing will depend on your anatomy - there must be enough room for a bar or ring. Daith piercings are cartilage piercings so they may take a while to heal - if your daith piercing refuses to heal we recommend BioFlex piercing jewellery, which is known to reduce healing times. Depending on anatomy most people wear either a ball closure ring or a curved bar in their daith piercing and luckily we have a huge range of BCRs and barbells to suit.

Daith Rings

There are lots of different types of daith ring including ball closure rings, circular barbells and smooth segment rings. Each one offers a different look and they come in a wide choice of materials to suit your piercing and your style. You can also accessorise any of these daith piercing rings with clip-in accessories or threaded body jewellery accessories. To see more options click on any of the rings or categories.

Daith Rings

Daith Ring Categories

Daith Bars

Barbells are a great option for your daith piercing because they will not move around in the piercing, thereby reducing the potential for irritation. We recommend wear a curved barbell in your daith piercing, as it will probably sit more comfortably in your ear. If you are having problems healing your daith piercing you might benefit from using a multi-use piercing tube, a new flexible type of bar that you can trim to size. Here you can see out most popular daith piercing bars - to see more bars lick on any product or category.

Daith Bars

Daith Bar Categories

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