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Classic Steel Flesh Tunnels 04-Jun-2014

When it comes to stretched ear jewellery, steel flesh tunnels are a classic piece of kit. Whether your ears are five millimetres or fifty, surgical steel flesh tunnels are a great choice. Surgical steel is an excellent metal for flesh tunnels because it is very lightweight, easy to keep clean and comfortable to wear. This […] Continue Reading

How To Downsize Stretched Ears 28-May-2014

We all want to keep our stretchings at a certain size, but downsizing your stretched ears is often a great way to keep them healthy. You can downsize your stretchings permanently or temporarily. Downsizing allows your stretched ears to heal and recover from a variety of problems, from minor irritation to serious problems such as […] Continue Reading

Waterfall Belly Bars 21-May-2014

Glamorous and eye-catching, our waterfall belly bars are the perfect way to make a statement. These belly bars all feature waterfall style jewels and charms that hang from the bottom of the belly bar. They come in a huge choice of designs, from cute hearts and colourful jewels to chic silver and pearl drops. Like […] Continue Reading

Will A Dermal Punch Help Me Stretch My Ears? 14-May-2014

It is always good to do your research before stretching your ears, but if you’re relying on search engines you may come across a method of dubious merit: stretching your ears with a dermal punch. As part of our Ear Stretching Guide 101 series I will explain exactly what a dermal punch is and whether […] Continue Reading

Huggy Belly Button Rings 07-May-2014

Give your navel piercing a gorgeous new look with our unique Huggy belly button rings. These belly rings were inspired by hoop earrings, but specially designed to be worn in your belly button piercing. The result is a uniquely stylish ring with a simple hinged design that is easy to insert and remove. These belly […] Continue Reading

How To Use Stretching Crescents 30-Apr-2014

Stretching crescents are ear stretching tools that have a crescent shape. They have tapered ends that allow you to slide them gradually into your piercing, thereby stretching it to your desired size. Stretching crescents work in exactly the same way as a stretching taper, the only difference being their shape. Crescents are a great way […] Continue Reading

Stretching Your Ears After Downsizing 23-Apr-2014

Downsizing is a great way to deal with a variety of common ear stretching problems, from irritation to tears. But can you stretch your ears after downsizing? And can you go back to your previous gauge? The answer is a resounding yes in both cases: most people can stretch back to their previous gauge and […] Continue Reading

New Silver Heart Belly Bars 16-Apr-2014

Elegant and stylish, our new silver heart belly bars are a gorgeous way to show off your piercing. These belly bars are beautifully made and finished, with a bright polish that really shines. They feature silver hearts on a surgical steel belly bar. This means that you get the comfort of surgical steel, with the […] Continue Reading

How To Use Ring Opening Pliers with Body Jewellery 09-Apr-2014

BCRs are an essential piece of body jewellery but they can also be very difficult to open and insert by hand. Thankfully there is a cheap and simple bit of kit that makes inserting a BCR much easier: ring opening pliers. These pliers are specially designed for use with body piercing jewellery. They make it […] Continue Reading

New Jewelled Nose Studs 02-Apr-2014

Treat yourself to a new look with our brand new jewelled nose studs. We have two new nose stud designs that will light up your look. Both styles are specially designed to be comfortable to insert and wear. They are easy to insert, stay in place and feel great in your piercing. Here at BJS […] Continue Reading

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